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Zen Basics is an attention trainer for the essential self. Specially designed to work with the higher attention of the non-phenomenal essential self.

The Zen Basics App contains everything you need to get started with Zen Basics Meditation.


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"One of the most profound and valuable work tools I have found."

-- J.M., Nova Scotia

"Zen Basics gave me the space to be who I am."

-- M.K., Chicago, IL

"For those who learn by 'hands on' this is an ideal tool."

-- A.H., Boulder, CO

Hello. Today i used the Zen Basics training for the attention of the essential self. I found the music in the Zen Basics helped me to focus or let go. Just a thought. I felt a change of awareness after Zen Basics. I felt more relaxed particularly less mental tension or need to identify with my crap. Hey there is an endorsement !

-- M.S. California