Zen Basics in Action


"One of the most profound and valuable work tools I have found."

-- J.M., Nova Scotia

"Zen Basics gave me the space to be who I am."

-- M.K., Chicago, IL

Zen Basics Celebrities

"For those who learn by 'hands on' this is an ideal tool."

-- A.H., Boulder, CO

Hello. Today i used the Zen Basics training for the attention of the essential self. I found the music in the Zen Basics helped me to focus or let go. Just a thought. I felt a change of awareness after Zen Basics. I felt more relaxed particularly less mental tension or need to identify with my crap. Hey there is an endorsement !

-- M.S. California

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We have had the pleasure of working with total noobs to zen and the process of attention training. And, we have had the pleasure of working with life masters of zen with the highest of attentions. In fact, we have had the experience of working in a mixed group of advanced teachers and rank beginners. The amazing thing about the Zen Basics as developed by E.J. Gold is its total accessibility and efficacy with both groups. No matter where a participant is on the ladder of his or her Zen attention training, the Zen Basics was ideal for taking them to the next rung.

It is rare to see a training device that form fits so marvelously to the exact status of the participants current condition -- giving them whatever experience is appropriate to make the leap to the next level of their training.

Claude Needham (Trainer)